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How Does The New Energy Vehicle Heater Heat The Battery Pack?

Generally speaking, the heating system of the battery pack of new energy electric vehicles is heated in the following two ways:

The first option: HVH water heater
The battery pack can be heated to a suitable operating temperature by installing a water heater on the electric vehicle.
Generally speaking, the fuel of a water heating heater can be fuel or formaldehyde. It has low fuel consumption and no loud noise. It can not only preheat the battery pack of the car, but also heat the cab of the electric vehicle. Reduce the power consumption of electric vehicles, extend the service life of the vehicle, and save the cost of battery pack replacement.

Second option: PTC heater

By installing a PTC heater in a new energy electric vehicle, heat can be transferred to the electric vehicle battery pack to preheat it and bring it to normal operating temperature.
Regarding heating system solutions such as battery pack preheating, cab heating, and parking heating for new energy electric vehicles, as well as the precautions that need to be taken care of during use of car heaters, I hope you can take note and do the necessary things for car heaters. Maintenance can effectively extend the service life of car heaters

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Post time: Nov-17-2023