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How does the NF hot water and air combi heater work?

The emergence of the heating system makes it possible for RV camping in all seasons, and the Combi hot water heater brings a more comfortable experience for RV travel. As a high-end intelligent control heater Combi specially developed for RVs, it is more and more known and used in China, so how does the NF Combi hot water heating system work? Let's take a deeper look through this article.

NF's Combi hot water heater is the most comfortable heating equipment among NF products. It can supply hot water and warm air with one device, and protect the water tank with low-temperature intelligent automatic drainage. As shown in the table below, this heating system includes several energy forms such as independent gas, gas plus electricity and independent fuel oil(Diesel water and air combi heater/Gas water and air combi heater/Gasoline water and air combi heater), with two different heat output powers of 4000W and 6000W.

Truma diesel combi heater
Truma gas combi heater
Truma combi heater

The design structure of the hot water heating and air all-in-one machine is also very unique. From the figure, it can be seen that the center is the combustion system, and the burner is surrounded by a fin-type aluminum alloy heat dissipation structure. More surface area allows heat to be quickly transferred to the car; Outside is a ring-shaped water storage container. The special-shaped design with a thick top and a thin bottom makes full use of the circulation circulation during the heating process of hot water, which speeds up the heating speed. It only takes 20 minutes to heat the hot water to 60°C.

It can be seen from the figure that the NF Combi all-in-one machine is installed close to the wall of the compartment, which is convenient for side connection to the smoke exhaust system. The gas combi is very quiet when it works, and the propane butane in the gas only produces carbon dioxide and water after combustion, which is non-toxic and harmless and has no irritating smell.
When installing a diesel Combi, attention should be paid to the location of the exhaust outlet away from the window. During use, the window should be closed and the wind direction should be considered. Because of the complex composition of diesel, the exhaust gas after combustion has a pungent smell and is not friendly to the body. Installing a smoke exhaust system on the side is more conducive to exhaust emission and prevents it from entering the car, which can protect the safety of users.

truma combi heater

Post time: Apr-12-2023