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How exactly does the NF Group’s combi heater system work

In the cold winter, people need to keep warm, and RVs also need protection. For some riders, they hope to experience a more stylish RV life in winter, and this is inseparable from a sharp tool-the combi heater. Then this issue will introduce the heating system of NF water and air combi heater. Most of our common air conditioning systems, gas systems, heating systems, and hot water systems are involved. Whether it is a self-propelled RV or a trailer-type RV, a heating system must be used. Some RVs have built-in fuel combi heaters, and some RVs use gas combi heaters. Unlike self-propelled RVs, trailer RVs do not have fuel tanks. The best way is to use gas heating for heating and provide hot water. The Combi heater/hot water all-in-one machine produced by NF can be used to discharge hot air and supply hot water, and is adopted by many RV manufacturers. So how does this heating system work?


We can see from the figure that the NF Combi heater/hot water is basically located on the left and right sides of the caravan compartment, close to the wall panels, which is convenient for maintenance and inspection. The main equipment of this heating system is the Combi heater/hot water all-in-one machine. The equipment itself is very light, with a weight of about 17 kg. Different models may be slightly different. Divided into four forms: separate gas, separate fuel (Diesel/Gasoline), gas plus electricity, and fuel(Diesel/Gasoline) plus electricity.


The NF water and air combi mainly has two functions. On the one hand, it pushes warm air into the RV for heating, and on the other hand, it provides hot water for the RV through this system. This set of equipment is designed with 4 warm air outlets, through the warm air pipes laid in the RV, when the device is turned on, the warm air is delivered to the RV compartment to play a heating role. In addition, after the cold water injected from the water injection port is heated by the equipment in operation, it can enter water places such as bathroom showers and vegetable sinks through the hot water output pipes.


This heating system can be turned on in a single mode. For example, only the water temperature needs to be heated in the RV, or only the warm air can be pushed. As for power consumption, take the NF Caravan Gas Heater model as an example, the maximum power is 6 kW. When using liquefied petroleum gas (propane gas), it only needs to consume 160-480 grams of liquefied petroleum gas per hour. If a tank of 5 kg propane gas burns continuously for 24 hours, it can be used for about 11-32 hours. If it is turned on 8 hours later, at least 2-4 days of battery life can be guaranteed.The heating efficiency of this device is very high, and it only takes about 15 minutes to heat the water temperature from 15°C to 60°C.

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Post time: Jan-17-2023