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NF: High Voltage Coolant Heater

NF has a history in the field of parking heaters for nearly 30 years as an innovative systems partner of car manufacturers. With the rapid rise of new energy vehicles, NF has developed a high voltage coolant heater (HVCH) specifically for the new energy vehicle segment.
NF is the first company to develop high-voltage electric heaters, and the technology of high voltage coolant heaters is in the leading position in the world. At present, the output of NF PTC coolant heaters ranks in the forefront of the industry.
NF’s solutions for current and future electric mobility adopt top-notch design concepts and lightweight materials, and set a new industry standard for heating system innovation technology. The applicable battery voltage of HVCH is as high as 750 volts, and the heating power reaches 30 kilowatts. It has good compatibility with current and future new energy vehicles. The heating efficiency of the product can be stabilized at more than 95%, and it can convert electrical energy into heat energy with almost no loss, providing heating for the car and providing the best working temperature for the power battery. It can greatly reduce the power loss of the vehicle power battery at low temperature.
1. There are very few 750V heaters in the market
2. Can be applied to systems supporting 750V fast charging
3. The most powerful high voltage PTC coolant heater (30KW)
4. Fast heating of the cockpit to improve comfort
Among all heater types, the NF high voltage electric heater has the highest power, the fastest start-up, and is not affected by the ambient temperature.
NF high voltage coolant heaters can achieve the best balance performance of the three core indicators of high power, thermal efficiency and reliability. Especially at high power, it can achieve the industry’s top thermal efficiency and reliability comprehensive balance performance. Under various working conditions, compared with the traditional technology, the starting current is constant and there is no surge, the heating time and power consumption are reduced by nearly 50%, and the time required to achieve stable power output is a quarter of the traditional technology.
market performance
PTC coolant heaters are necessary for the heating system of new energy vehicles. NF high voltage coolant heater has a unique technical route and is the leader in electric heating technology. It is welcomed by vehicle manufacturers and has been adopted by many joint ventures and self-owned brand models.

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Post time: Feb-17-2023