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PTC Product Features

ptc coolant heater

EV Automobile Heater Advantages

1. Energy saving

With constant temperature characteristics, it can automatically reduce the heating power when the ambient temperature rises, and automatically increase the heating power after the ambient temperature drops, that is, it can adjust its own thermal power output according to the change of the ambient temperature, and can control the power consumption of the heater to a minimum. Automatic energy saving effect. These are all heating products such as traditional electric heating tubes and resistance wires that cannot be achieved.

2. Security

The maximum temperature can be determined by design according to product requirements. PTC automatic constant temperature feature avoids overheating due to dry burning.

3. Long life

1 min "ON" / 1 min "OFF" cycles 10000 times, or the heater works continuously for 1000 hours and the power decay is ≤10%.

4. Rapid heating

The heating power of the PTC heater increases with the decrease of the ambient temperature, and at the same time, there is a higher impact power (current) than the rated power when starting, so the heating speed is faster when the ambient temperature is lower.

5. Ultra-low temperature start

Even at minus 40 degrees, it can start as usual and heat up quickly.

6. Wide voltage application range

It can work normally between 3V-700V.

Post time: Aug-08-2023