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35kw 12v 24v Diesel Liquid Parking Heater for Vehicles

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The independent liquid diesel parking heater heats the engine coolant and circulates in the water circuit of the vehicle by the forced circulation pump, thus achieving defrosting, safe driving, cabin heating, preheating the engine and reducing wear and tear.

  • Power: 35kw
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    This water parking heater adopts spray atomization technology, high combustion efficiency (>99%). It adopts high pressure ignition device, fast ignition speed. The 30kw diesel water parking heater for bus has got the Emark certificate. The controller of this diesel water parking heater is on/off controller. This independent liquid parking heater adopts advanced high-voltage jet atomization method, optimized oil and gas ratio design, good reliability, low failure rate, environmental protection emission, economic use, automatic intelligent control, more humane use. The diesel liquid parking heater is widely used for low temperature starting, defrosting and heating of various buses, commercial vehicles, trucks, special purpose vehicles and construction vehicles with water-cooled engines. It can also be used for the heating and heat preservation of various types of equipment square cabin and food trucks, sprinkler trucks, sanitation trucks, special vehicles for transporting plants that use water (antifreeze) circulation.

    water parking heater

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    Heat flux(KW)


    Fuel consumption(L/h)


    Working voltage(V)


    Power consumption(W)







    Motor operates in low temperature and warming, defrosting of bus

    Media  circling

    Water pump force circle



    Installation is important, because it decides usage effect of warming system directly.
    Installation of this water parking heater has five steps:
    1. To install heater conveniently, please refer to the dirgram(below),heater should be installed in a cabin alone with not too high temperature and no combustible. Inlet and exhaust air openings must be clean not to inhale snowflake and spattering spray, air-exhausted opening can’t face to the direction of driving.
    2. Inlet-air of heater is ample, so a shutter (total area≥100c㎡) should be cut in the side of cabin, and waste air is prohibitted to be inhaled to inlet-air pipe to affect the operation,air-exhausted pipes stretch to the outside of cabin.
    3. Oil pipe (φ8×1) is made from nelon colophony, joints M14×1.5, pipes must be joint tightly. Difference of oil tank liquid surface and heater center is within ±500 ㎜, distance between in-oil joint and surface of oil pipe is within 3m, heater pipes are single ,they can’t be used with others pipe together.
    4. Electric connection refers to circuit diagram.
    5. Canalage of heater has reasonable arrangment,affusion is at the top, position of heater is as low as possible, pipe can’t be converted into hard bend, pipes resistant-pressure>6kg/c㎡.

    water heater YJP


    透明背景 挖掘机
    透明背景 卡车

    Our Company

    Hebei Nanfeng Automobile Equipment (Group) Co.,Ltd is a group company with 6 factories, that specially produce parking heaters, parking air conditioners, electric vehicle heaters and heater parts for more than 30 years. We are the leading parking heater manufacturers in China.
    Our factory's production units are equipped with high tech machineries, strict quality control testing devices and a team of professional technicians and engineers endorsing the quality and authenticity of our products.
    In 2006, our company has passed ISO/TS16949:2002 quality management system certification. We also bagged the CE certificate and Emark certificate making us amongst the only few companies in the world acquiring such high level certifications. Currently being the largest stakeholders in China, we hold a domestic market share of 40% and then we export them around the globe particularly in Asia, Europe and Americas.
    Meeting the standards and demands of our customers have always been our top priority. It always encourages our experts to continuously brain storm, innovate, design and manufacture new products, impeccably suitable for the Chinese market and our customers from every nook of the world.



    Q1.Are you manufacturer or trade company?
    We are manufacturer and there are 6 factories in Hebei province.
    Q2:Can you produce conveyor as our requirements?
    Yes, OEM is available. We have professional team to do anything what you want from us.
    Q3.Is the sample available?
    Yes, we are providing samples for you to check the quality once confirmed after 1~2day.
    Q4.Is there the products tested before shipping?
    Yes, of course. All of our conveyor belt we all will has been 100%QC before shipping. We test every batch every day.
    Q5.How your quality guarantee?
    We have 100% quality guarantee to customers. We will be responsible for any quality problem.

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