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Installation Position of Electric Water Heater HVH-Q20

The installation position of PTC coolant heater should be determined according to the specific vehicle model. The water pump shall be integrated with the heater and installed at the water inlet of the heater. The installation position of the high voltage coolant heater should be lower than that of the water pump, which can not only make the water circulation more smooth, but also ensure the fluidity of the loop as much as possible when the water pump stops due to fault. The PTC heater shall be installed in the ventilated space of the vehicle as far as possible, and the temperature shall not be lower than + 85 ℃ if installed in the engine compartment.
Connection to vehicle cooling system:
The heater shall be installed in the vehicle cooling cycle circuit according to the reference. The antifreeze remaining in the whole circulating system shall be kept at least 25L. In the circulation circuit where the heater is located, antifreeze of regular brand shall be used. Poor antifreeze will accelerate the corrosion of the inner cavity of the heater due to high temperature and shorten the service life of the heater. Heater damage caused by scaling, blockage and cavity corrosion caused by poor antifreeze will be excluded from the warranty. Hoses that at least comply with din73411 must be used. The hose shall be laid without kinks to prevent air from entering the connection position of the heater. The heater must be installed below the lowest water level of the circulating water circuit, and it should be repeatedly confirmed whether the clamp is locked firmly to prevent slipping. Be careful! The clamps must be tightened to the specified tightening torque! Whether in the vehicle cooling system or in a separate heating circuit, a safety relief valve with a maximum opening pressure of 2bar must be used. The installation of heater and pipeline must consider the exhaust of air. When there is residual air in the loop, turn on the heater, there will be noise in the loop, and the air may also lead to overtemperature protection of the heater and stop heating. Be careful! Before commissioning the heater, confirm that the water pipe, water pump and heater must be completely filled with antifreeze. Only use regular brand antifreeze!

PTC heater
ptc heater

Post time: Feb-23-2023