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NF 25183045 25190845 Diesel Air Heater Parts 12V 24V Heater Motor

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Hebei Nanfeng Automobile Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd is a group company with 5 factories, that specially produce parking heatersheater partsair conditioner and electric vehicle parts for more than 30 years. We are the leading auto parts manufacturers in China.

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XW02 fuel pump technical data
Working voltage DC24V, voltage range 21V-30V, coil resistance value 21.5±1.5Ω at 20℃
Working frequency 1hz-10hz, turning on time is 30ms every working cycle, working frequency is the power-off time for controlling fuel pump (turning on time of fuel pump is constant)
Fuel types Motor gasoline, kerosene, motor diesel
Working temperature -40℃~25℃ for diesel, -40℃~20℃ for kerosene
Installation position Horizontal installation, included angle of fuel pump’s center line and horizontal pipe is less than ±5°
Fuel flow 22ml per thousand, flow error at ±5%
Suction distance More than 1m. Inlet tube is less than 1.2m, outlet tube is less than 8.8m, relating to inclining angle during working
Inner diameer 2mm
Fuel filtration Bore diameter of filtration is 100um
Service life More than 50 million times (testing frequency is 12hz, adopting motor gasoline, kerosene and motor diesel)
Salt spray test More than 240h
Oil inlet pressure -0.2bar~.3bar for gasoline, -0.3bar~.4bar for diesel
Oil outlet pressure 0 bar~0.3 bar
Weight 0.25kg
Auto absorbing More than 15 min
Error level ±5%
Voltage classification DC24V/12V

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Eberspacher Airtronic D2 D4 D4S Heater 12V 24V02_副本
Eberspacher Airtronic D2 D4 D4S Heater 12V 24V01_副本


As winter approaches, it's crucial to make sure your diesel air heater is in top working order. A key component of your heater is the heater motor, which plays a vital role in ensuring efficient heating of your vehicle or living space. In this guide, we'll explore the basic aspects of heater motors (including the 25183045 and 25190845 models) and emphasize the importance of diesel air heater parts to keep you warm during the colder months.

Diesel air heaters are commonly used in vehicles, RVs, boats and off-grid living spaces to provide reliable heating. The heater motor is responsible for powering the fan to distribute warm air throughout the space. Without a properly functioning motor, the heater will not produce enough heat, so it is critical to understand the maintenance and replacement of diesel air heater components, especially the heater motor.

Models 25183045 and 25190845 are popular heater motors known for their durability and high performance. These motors are designed to meet the demands of heating systems and operate efficiently even in adverse weather conditions. When selecting diesel air heater components, such as a heater motor, it is critical to select quality components that can withstand the rigors of continuous use and provide reliable heating.

One of the key factors to consider when servicing or replacing a heater motor is understanding compatibility with your specific diesel air heater model. 25183045 and 25190845 are designed to work seamlessly with a range of diesel air heaters, ensuring they provide optimal performance and efficiency. The manufacturer's guidelines must be consulted to determine the compatibility of the heater motor with your heating system.

Regular maintenance of your diesel air heater components, including the heater motor, is critical to extending its service life and ensuring efficient heating. This includes cleaning the motor, inspecting it for any signs of wear or damage, and lubricating moving parts as needed. By following routine maintenance, you can prevent unexpected breakdowns and ensure your heater is running efficiently when you need it most.

If it's time to replace your heater motor, it's important to find the correct model for your diesel air heater. Models 25183045 and 25190845 are readily available through authorized dealers and distributors, ensuring you have easy access to genuine replacement heater motors. By investing in quality diesel air heater parts, you can rest assured knowing that your heating system will continue to provide reliable warmth.

Additionally, understanding the role of the heater motor in the overall functionality of a diesel air heater is critical to solving any heating problem. If you notice a decrease in heating performance or unusual noises from your heater, the motor is most likely to blame. By identifying the signs of heater motor failure, you can take proactive steps to resolve the problem and prevent further damage to your heating system.

In summary, diesel air heater components, especially the heater motor, are integral components that help your heating system operate efficiently. Models 25183045 and 25190845 are examples of reliable and durable heater motors designed to meet the diverse needs of diesel air heaters. By understanding the importance of your heater motor and investing in quality diesel air heater parts, you can ensure that your heating system continues to provide warmth and comfort during the colder months. Remember to follow regular maintenance procedures and, if necessary, seek professional help to maintain or replace your heater motor to keep your diesel air heater in optimal working order.


*Brushless motor with long service life
*Low power consumption and high efficiency
*No water leakage in magnetic drive
*Easy to install
*Protection grade IP67

Company Profile


Hebei Nanfeng Automobile Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd is a group company with 5 factories, that specially produce parking heatersheater partsair conditioner and electric vehicle parts for more than 30 years. We are the leading auto parts manufacturers in China.

Our factory's production units are equipped with high tech machineries, strict quality,control testing devices and a team of professional technicians and engineers endorsing the quality and authenticity of our products.

In 2006, our company has passed ISO/TS16949:2002 quality management system certification. We also bagged the CE certificate and Emark certificate making us among the only few companies in the world acquiring such high level certifications.
Currently being the largest stakeholders in China, we hold a domestic market share of 40% and then we export them around the globe particularly in Asia, Europe and Americas.

Meeting the standards and demands of our customers have always been our top priority. It always encourages our experts to continuously brain storm, innovate, design and manufacture new products, impeccably suitable for the Chinese market and our customers from every nook of the world.


1. What is the voltage compatibility of Webasto heater motors?
Webasto heater motors are available in 12V and 24V voltages, making them compatible with a variety of vehicle electrical systems.

2. How do Webasto heater motors help heating systems?
The Webasto heater motor is a key component in the heating system as it is responsible for driving the fan that distributes warm air throughout the vehicle interior.

3. Is the Webasto heater motor easy to install?
Yes, Webasto heater motors are designed for easy installation, making them suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professional mechanics alike.

4. Can Webasto heater motors be used in aftermarket and OEM applications?
Yes, Webasto heater motors are versatile and can be used in aftermarket and OEM heating systems.

5. What is the power consumption of the Webasto heater motor?
The power consumption of Webasto heater motors varies depending on voltage (12V or 24V) and model, but they are designed to be energy efficient.

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