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NF 6KW 220V/110V Gasoline Air And Water Combi Heater DC12V Caravan Combi Heater

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If you choose the Gasoline&electricity model, you can use gasoline or electricity, or mix.

If only use gasoline, it is 4kw

If only use electricity, it is 2kw

Hybrid gasoline and electricity can reach 6kw

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RV Combi Heater14

Gasoline version currently has plateau version, the highest altitude can reach 5000m.
NF 6KW gasoline air and water heater is a hot water and warm air integrated machine, which can provide domestic hot water while heating the occupants. This  6KW gasoline air and water heater  allows use during driving. This 6KW gasoline air and water heater  also has the function of using local electricity heating.

NF 6KW gasoline air and water heater can use low voltage 12V, high voltage can choose 110v or 220V. The power is 6KW, and you can use gasoline as fuel.
NF 6KW gasoline air and water heater can work while driving. You can also use your local mains mode for heating.

Technical Parameter

Item Value
Rated Voltage DC12V
Operating Voltage Range DC10.5V~16V
Short-term Maximum Power 8-10A
Average Power Consumption 1.8-4A
Fuel type Petrol/Gasoline
Fuel Heat Power (W) 2000/4000
Fuel Consumption (g/H) 240/270 or 510/550
Quiescent current 1mA
Warm Air Delivery Volume m3/h 287max
Water Tank Capacity 10L
Maximum Pressure of Water Pump 2.8bar
Maximum Pressure of System 4.5bar
Rated Electric Supply Voltage ~220V/110V
Electrical Heating Power 900W/1800W
Electrical Power Dissipation 3.9A/7.8A  or 7.8A/15.6A
Working (Environment) -25℃~+80℃
Working Altitude ≤5000m
Weight (Kg) 15.6Kg(without water)
Dimensions (mm) 510×450×300
Protection level IP21
Controller Digital controller

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RV Combi Heater11
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water and air combi heater
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Hebei Nanfeng Automobile Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd is a group company with 5 factories, that specially produce parking heaters, heater parts, air conditioner and electric vehicle parts for more than 30 years. We are the leading auto parts manufacturers in China.

Our factory's production units are equipped with high tech machineries, strict quality,control testing devices and a team of professional technicians and engineers endorsing the quality and authenticity of our products.
In 2006, our company has passed ISO/TS16949:2002 quality management system certification. We also bagged the CE certificate and Emark certificate making us among the only few companies in the world acquiring such high level certifications. Currently being the largest stakeholders in China, we hold a domestic market share of 40% and then we export them around the globe particularly in Asia, Europe and Americas.
Meeting the standards and demands of our customers have always been our top priority. It always encourages our experts to continuously brain storm, innovate, design and manufacture new products, impeccably suitable for the Chinese market and our customers from every nook of the world.


1.Is it a copy of Truma?
It is similar to Truma. And it is our own technic for electronic programs
2.Is the Combi heater compatible with Truma?
Some parts can be used in Truma, such as pipes, air outlet, hose clamps.heater house,fan impeller and so on.
3.Must the 4pcs air outlets be open at the same time?
Yes, 4 pcs air outlets should be open at the same time. but the air volume of the air outlet can be adjusted.
4.In summer, can the NF Combi heater heat just water without heating the living area?
Yes.Simply set the switch to summer mode and select 40 or 60 degrees Celsius water temperature. The heating system heats only water and the circulation fan does not run. Output in summer mode is 2 KW.
5.Does the kit include pipes?
1 pc exhaust pipe
1 pc air intake pipe
2 pcs hot air pipes, every pipe is 4 meter.
6.How long does it take to heat 10L of water for shower?
About 30 minutes
7.Working height of heater?
For diesel heater, it is Plateau version, can be used 0m~5500m.For LPG heater, it can be used 0m~1500m.
8.How to operate the high altitude mode?
Automatic operation without human operation
9.Can it work on 24v?
Yes, just need a voltage converter to adjust 24v to 12v.
10.What is the working voltage range?
DC10.5V-16V High voltage is 200V-250V,or 110V
11.Can it be controlled via a mobile app?
So far we do not have it, and It is under development.
12.About heat release
We have 3 models:
Gasoline and electricity
Diesel and electricity
Gas/LPG and electricity.
If you choose the Gasoline&electricity model, you can use gasoline or electricity, or mix.
If only use gasoline, it is 4kw
If only use electricity, it is 2kw
Hybrid gasoline and electricity can reach 6kw
For Diesel heater:
If only use diesel, it is 4kw
If only use electricity, it is 2kw
Hybrid diesel and electricity can reach 6kw
For LPG/Gas heater:
If only use LPG/Gas, it is 4kw
If only use electricity, it is 2kw
Hybrid LPG and electricity can reach 6kw

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