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NF Best Sell 8KW EV PTC Heater 600V HV Coolant Heater DC12V HVCH

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We are the largest PTC coolant heater production factory in China, with a very strong technical team, very professional and modern assembly lines and production processes. Key markets targeted include electric vehicles. battery thermal management and HVAC refrigeration units. At the same time, we also cooperate with Bosch, and our product quality and production line have been highly recoanized by Bosch.

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Warm air and temperature controllable Use PWM to adjust the drive IGBT to adjust the power with short-term heat storage function Whole vehicle cycle, supporting battery thermal management and environmental protection.

Technical Parameter

Model WPTC07-1 WPTC07-2
Rated power (kw) 10KW±10%@20L/min,Tin=0℃
OEM Power(kw) 6KW/7KW/8KW/9KW/10KW
Rated Voltage(VDC) 350v 600v
Working Voltage 250~450v 450~750v
Controller low voltage (V) 9-16 or 18-32
Communication protocol CAN
Power adjust method  Gear Control
Connector IP ratng IP67
Medium type Water: ethylene glycol /50:50
Overall dimension (L*W*H) 236*147*83mm
Installation dimension 154 (104)*165mm
Joint dimension φ20mm
High voltage connector model HVC2P28MV102, HVC2P28MV104 (Amphenol)
Low voltage connector model A02-ECC320Q60A1-LVC-4(A) (Sumitomo adaptive drive module)

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As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to spread and become more mainstream, there is an increasing need for efficient and reliable heating systems to keep EVs comfortable and functional in a variety of climates. One of the key components of the electric vehicle heating system is the PTC heater, which plays a vital role in maintaining the temperature inside the vehicle and keeping the battery and other important components at optimal operating temperatures. In this blog, we will explore the importance of electric vehicle heaters, focusing on PTC heaters in electric vehicles and the role of electric vehicle coolant heaters in ensuring optimal performance and comfort.

EV heaters are essential for maintaining a comfortable interior temperature, especially in cold weather. Unlike traditional internal combustion engine cars, which generate heat through the engine, electric vehicles rely on electric heating systems to heat the cabin and other components. PTC heaters or Positive Temperature Coefficient heaters are commonly used in electric vehicles due to their efficiency and safety features. These heaters are made from a ceramic material with conductive properties that increase resistance as temperature rises, providing self-regulating heat output, making them ideal for electric vehicles.

One of the main advantages of EV PTC heaters in electric vehicles is their ability to provide consistent, efficient heat output without the risk of overheating. This is especially important for electric vehicles because they rely on battery power for all functions, including heating and cooling. PTC heaters can be designed to provide targeted heating to specific areas of the vehicle, such as the cab, battery pack or electronics, resulting in energy savings and precise temperature control. Additionally, PTC heaters have fast response times, making them ideal for providing instant heat when needed without wasting energy or battery power.

In addition to cab heating, PTC heaters in electric vehicles also play a vital role in maintaining the optimal operating temperature of the battery pack and other critical components. Batteries perform best within a specific temperature range, and a PTC heater can help ensure that the battery pack remains within that range, regardless of external conditions. This is especially important in cold climates, where low temperatures can negatively impact battery performance and range. By using PTC heaters to maintain battery temperature, electric vehicle owners can minimize the impact of cold weather on their vehicle's range and overall performance.

Another important component of an electric vehicle heating system is the coolant heater, which is responsible for heating the coolant that circulates through the vehicle's thermal management system. Electric vehicle coolant heaters are essential for preheating the vehicle's coolant before driving and maintaining the optimal temperature of the coolant during operation. This is especially important for electric vehicles, as they rely on thermal management systems to regulate the temperature of batteries, power electronics and other components. By using a coolant heater, electric vehicle owners can ensure that their vehicles run efficiently and effectively, regardless of the outside temperature.

In summary, electric vehicle heaters, including PTC heaters and electric vehicle coolant heaters, are critical to maintaining the comfort, performance, and efficiency of electric vehicles. These heating systems play a vital role in maintaining a comfortable temperature in the cab and maintaining optimal operating temperatures for the vehicle's battery and other critical components. As electric vehicles become more popular, the need for efficient, reliable heating systems will continue to grow. PTC heaters are energy-efficient and automatically adjust heat output, making them ideally suited to the unique requirements of electric vehicles, while EV coolant heaters ensure the vehicle's thermal management system is operating optimally. Overall, the importance of electric vehicle heaters cannot be underestimated as they are key to the overall performance and functionality of an electric vehicle in all climates.

Company Profile


Hebei Nanfeng Automobile Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd is a group company with 5 factories, that specially produce parking heaters, heater parts, air conditioner and electric vehicle parts for more than 30 years. We are the leading auto parts manufacturers in China.

Our factory's production units are equipped with high tech machineries, strict quality,control testing devices and a team of professional technicians and engineers endorsing the quality and authenticity of our products.

In 2006, our company has passed ISO/TS16949:2002 quality management system certification. We also bagged the CE certificate and Emark certificate making us among the only few companies in the world acquiring such high level certifications.
Currently being the largest stakeholders in China, we hold a domestic market share of 40% and then we export them around the globe particularly in Asia, Europe and Americas.

Meeting the standards and demands of our customers have always been our top priority. It always encourages our experts to continuously brain storm, innovate, design and manufacture new products, impeccably suitable for the Chinese market and our customers from every nook of the world.


1. What is a car high voltage heater?

A high-voltage heater in a car is an advanced heating system that uses high-voltage electricity to generate heat. It is commonly used in electric or hybrid vehicles to provide efficient and sustainable heating in cold weather conditions.

2. How does a high voltage heater work?
High voltage heaters work by converting electrical energy into heat through a heating element or heat pump. Electricity is derived from the vehicle's high-voltage battery system, and the heater transfers the generated heat to the interior or specific areas of the vehicle to keep occupants warm and comfortable.

3. Are high voltage heaters more efficient than traditional heating systems?
Yes, high voltage heaters are generally more efficient than traditional heating systems in cars. They use electricity directly and do not rely on fuel combustion, so they are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. In addition, high voltage heaters can be controlled more precisely, improving heating performance and reducing energy consumption.

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