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NF 2.5KW AC220V automotive electric PTC coolant heater

Short Description:

The 2.5kw WPTC-10 coolant PTC heater assembly can provide heat for new energy vehicle cockpits and meet the criteria for safe defrost and defogging. At the same time, it provides heat for other parts of the vehicle that need temperature regulation.

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1.Electric heating antifreeze

2.Installed in water cooling circulation system

3.With short-term heat storage function

4.Environmental friendly



The Automotive Electric PTC Coolant Heater is the ideal heating system for plug-in hybrids (PHEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV). It converts AC electric power into heat with practically no losses.


Powerful similar to its namesake, this Automotive Electric PTC Coolant Heater is specialized for electric vehicles. By converting electrical energy of battery with AC voltage220v, into abundant heat, this device provides efficient, zero-emission warming-all throughout the interior of the vehicle.


This Automotive Electric PTC Coolant Heater is suitable for electric / hybrid / fuel cell vehicles and is mainly used as the main heat source for temperature regulation in the vehicle. Automotive Electric PTC Coolant Heater is applicable to both vehicle driving mode and parking mode. In the heating process, electric energy is effectively converted into heat energy by PTC components. Therefore, this product has faster heating effect than internal combustion engine. At the same time, it can also be used for battery temperature regulation (heating to working temperature) and fuel cell starting load.

Technical Parameter

Item WPTC10-1
Heating output 2500±10%@25L/min, Tin=40℃
Rated voltage(VAC) 220V
Working voltage(VAC) 175-276V
Controller low voltage 9-16 or 18-32V
Control signal Relay control
Heater dimension  209.6*123.4*80.7mm
Installation dimension 189.6*70mm
Joint dimension φ20mm
Heater weight 1.95±0.1kg
High voltage connector  ATP06-2S-NFK
Low voltage connectors 282080-1 (TE)

Basic electrical performance

Description condition Min Typical value Max unit
Power a) Test voltage: Load voltage: 170~275VDC

b)Inlet temperature: 40 (-2~0) ℃; flow: 25L/min 

c) Air pressure: 70kPa~106ka

  2500   W
Weight Without coolant, without connecting wire   1.95   KG
Antifreeze volume     125   mL


Description Condition Min Typical value Max Unit
Storage temperature   -40   105
Working temperature   -40   105
Environment humidity   5%   95% RH

High voltage

Description Condition Min Typical value Max Unit
Supply voltage Start heat 170 220 275 V
Supply current     11.4   A
Inrush current       15.8 A


(1) Efficient and rapid performance: longer driving experience without wasting energy

(2) Powerful and reliable heat output: fast and constant comfort for the driver, passengers and battery systems

(3) Fast and easy integration:Rrelay Control

(4) Precise and stepless controllability: better performance and optimized power management

Users of electric vehicles don't want to go without the comfort of heating that they are used to in combustion engine vehicles. That's why a suitable heating system is just as important as the battery conditioning, which helps to extend service life, reduce charging time and increase range.

This is where the third generation of NF high voltage PTC heater comes in, providing the benefits of battery conditioning and heating comfort for special series from body manufacturers and OEMs.

CE certificate



It is mainly used for cooling the motors, controllers and other electrical appliances of new energy vehicles (hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles).



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A.We are manufacturer and there are 5 factories  Hebei province and a foreign trade company in Beijing

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Yes, OEM is available. We have professional team to do anything what you want from us.

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Yes, we are providing free of samples are available for you to check the quality once confirmed after 1~2day.

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Yes, of course. All of our conveyor belt we all will has been 100%QC  before shipping. We test every batch every day.

Q5.How your quality guarantee?

We have 100% quality guarantee to customers. We will be responsible for any quality problem. 

Q6.Can we visit your factory before place the order?

Yes,very welcome that must be nice to set up good relationship for business.   

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