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10KW-18KW PTC Heater for Electric Vehicle

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This PTC water heater is a heater designed for new energy vehicles. This NF series A product supports customization of products within the range of 10KW-18KW. This electric heater helps defrost and defog the cockpit and extend battery life.

  • Model: HVH-A series
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    The high voltage coolant heater is suitable for electric vehicles. It heats up electric cars and batteries very well.The intelligent control system of this PTC water heater includes CAN module, PWM module, etc. The CAN system connects with the body controller through the CAN transceiver, receives and analyzes the CAN bus message, judges the starting conditions and output power limits of the water heater, and uploads the controller status and self diagnosis information to the body controller.The PWM system is connected with the input end of the low-end driver, and the output end of the low-end driver is connected with the power interface of the electric parking heater. The duty cycle of the PWM output signal is adjusted to control the output power of the water heater. With the heating process, the system collects the water temperature information in real time through the temperature sensor, and automatically adjusts the output power to meet the user's requirements. The PTC water heater is suitable for equipment with rated power of 10-18kw and rated voltage of 600v. And we support customization.

    Technical Parameter

    Item HVH-A18
    Rated Voltage(VDC) 600
    Working Voltage(VDC) 400-900
    Rated Power(KW) 18KW,T_in40℃
    Controller Low Voltage(VDC) 16-32
    Control Signal CAN
    Overall Dimension(L*W*H) 340*138*125mm
    PTC water heater (1)


    PTC coolant heater (1)
    PTC coolant heater (2)

    High voltage coolant heater is used in electric vehicles. It can heat the whole electric vehicle and the battery at the same time.

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    air parking heater
    electric parking heater

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    1. Good knowledge on different electric vehicles can meet different special requirements.
    2. Real manufacturer with our own 6 factory located in China.
    3. Strong professional technical team ensure to produce the top quality products.
    4. Special cost control system ensure to provide the most favorable price.
    5. Rich experience on parking heaters.


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